WAO White Book on Allergy 2013 Update


Ruby Pawankar; Stephen T. Holgate; G. Walter Canonica; Richard F. Lockey; Michael S. Blaiss

2013 Updates

WAO has taken the original WAO Book on Allergy and updated it to contain new information and provides the latest data, evidence, and treatments. The 2013 update contains:

  • New chapter on Severe Asthma
  • Updated Introduction and Executive Summary
  • Several updated chapters

Allergic disease: A major global public health issue

The WAO WHITE BOOK ON ALLERGY provides evidence about the increasing prevalence of allergic diseases worldwide and offers "high level" recommendation for action on allergy education for health care professions and enhanced patient service provision. WAO is concerned about the rising global burden of allergic diseases and is committed to increased cooperation at a global level engaging governments and policy makers to channel resources and efforts to recognizing allergic diseases as a public health issue.

The 82 authors of the WAO WHITE BOOK ON ALLERGY cover all aspects of allergic disease:

Concise clinical overview: Prevalence and treatment, unmet needs, and future therapies

Healthcare perspective: The burden of the diseases on quality of life of patients, their socio-economic consequences, and the need for cost-benefit analysis of appropriate care services.

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