World Allergy Week 2019


Dr. Shahid Abbas, President of the Pakistan Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Society(PAAIS), warmly welcomes you to
World Allergy Week 2019 (13-19 June).

On Thursday 11th April 2019, free Allergy Camp was inaugurated by Dg Health Dr Hassan Urooj in Allergy Center Ijp Road Rawalpindi. At the occasion Dr Shahid Abbas President (PAAIS), Dr Sohail Karim Hashmi and other staff members of the society were present .Dr Hassan Urooj in his brief speech reflected the importance of the World Allergy Week and Free Allergy Camp. D Urooj thanked Dr Shahid Abbas for arranging a professional camp and he requested to Dr Shahid Abbas to extend his philantopic work to all the urban slums as well, so that poor people may get benefited Hassan appreciated Dr Shahid for creating awareness in general public and training of medical professionals in diagnosis and treatment of allergic diseases .

This year the focus is on managing allergic diseases amidst environmental changes.

Press Release


World Allergy Week 2019 Webinar

Prominent speakers of seminar and Press Talk were DG Health Dr Hassan Arooj Dr Shaid Abbas,President (PAAIS),Dr Sohail Karim Hasmi,and Dr Rubaba Hamid

Dr Shahid in his address highlighted the harms caused by the allergies both nationally and internationally.He also enlighhtend the participants with all the allergy types medical treatment and precaurtions that must be adopted by the allergic patients.He also told that allergy is dangerous but there is little or no awareness in Pakistan.He explained that of all the allergies food allergy is most dangerous which has been named variously as food allergy shocks or food allergy reaction.Patients who are going through such allergy should adopt precautionary measures.At the end Short media talk was given chaired Dr Shahid Abbas

Thank you for attending the webinar!


How Do Climate Change and Allergy Relate?

Climate change can have a significant impact on allergies by altering the distribution and allergenicity of plants, extending pollen seasons, increasing exposure to allergens through extreme weather events, and affecting air quality and overall health. As climate change continues, it is important for individuals with allergies and healthcare professionals to be aware of these connections and take appropriate measures to manage and mitigate the impacts of allergies in a changing climate.

Raising Awareness of Food Allergies – Food Allergy Awareness Walk in F-9 Park Islamabad by Directorate of Research team

PAAIS-Directorate of Research team including Dr. Rubaba, Dr. Ismail, Dr. M. Inam, and others, organized a public awareness walk today, 13th April 2019, attended by general public from all age groups. Dr. Muhammad Sohaib , Director Medical Science, Nuclear Medicine and Oncology Division, Pakistan Atomic Energy Commissions graced the occasion. The Walk was led by Dr. Rasheed, Vice President PAAIS and Mr. Noor Rehman Khan DG, BISP. The participants assembled in F-9 park Islamabad, carrying banners and play cards, displaying information about Food Allergy symptoms diagnosis and treatment. Literature containing allergy awareness material was also distributed. At the end of the walk, school students shared their views, calling upon people to take action and make an impact, on behalf of the millions of people around the world that suffer with food allergies. The speakers urged those present at the event to spread the awareness in their own social circle. The event’s success was that, many families from the park joined in the walk and appreciated the efforts of the organizers. Many of them became volunteer members of PAAIS. The chief guest, Dr. Sohiab addressed the audience of the walk, expressing his views on status of food allergy in Pakistan, voicing concern on this neglected health problem. He appreciated the organizing team for highlighting the issue in the community and hoped, that, similar activities will continue in future also. At the Dr Rasheed, VP-PAAIS reviewed the Food Allergy Week’s activities conducted by PAAIS and shields, prizes were distributed among the participants in recognition of their efforts.


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