Training Session Day 2

Tele Medicine Lecture 2 by Dr Shahid Abbas​

History of Allergy, Types of Allergy, Allergic Rhinitis, Asthma, IBS, Dust, Pollen Allergy & Mold Allergy, Pharmacotherapy. Immunotherapy types, history of Immunotherapy, scientific basis, side effects and effectiveness literature review. Role of Immuno Nutrition in management and prevention of immune and allergic diseases, IV Nutrition


Day 2 of 5 Day Master Course of Telemedicine ALLERGY CENTER with the collaboration of PAAIS, COMSATS and AACI

Video Tutorials

What are the benefits of immunotherapy?

What is sublingual immunotherapy?

What is anaphylaxis?

What is an allergic reaction?

What is pollen?

What is the difference between rescue and control asthma medications?

The basics of biologics.

Why does my asthma get worse in the spring and fall?

Could your persistent cough be asthma?

Steroid myths and asthma medications.

Tips to manage asthma in schools.

What are asthma and anaphylaxis action plans?

What is vocal cord dysfunction?

Thunderstorm Asthma