Training Schedule And Material

Five Day Telemedicine Allergy Coursestarted with the collaboration of COMSAT, PAAIS, Allergy &Asthma Center Islamabad by Dr Shahid Abbas. There were 13 participant centers in far flung  different parts  of the country. There were about 50 participants out of which about 30 were doctors (mostly specialists). At the end of 5day workshop successful participants will be given Certificate of Attendance and Certificate of Competence. The model of Training by telemedicine Allergy Center was greatly appreciated by World Allergy Organization. Dr Shahid Abbas Consultant  Allergy and Immunology President PAAIS Pakistan Allergy Asthma and Immunology

Tele Medicine Lecture 1 by Dr Shahid Abbas​

Welcome, Introduction of participants, Introduction of the course, Over view of the Allergic Diseases with brief introduction about Signs, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment with Pharmacotherapy and Immunotherapy

Tele Medicine Lecture 2 by Dr Shahid Abbas​

History of Allergy, Types of Allergy, Allergic Rhinitis, Asthma, IBS, Dust, Pollen Allergy & Mold Allergy, Pharmacotherapy. Immunotherapy types, history of Immunotherapy, scientific basis, side effects and effectiveness literature review. Role of Immuno Nutrition in management and prevention of immune and allergic diseases, IV Nutrition

Tele Medicine Lecture 3 by Dr Shahid Abbas​

Urticaria specially Ch. Spontaneous Urticaria Management and Treatment with Pharmacotherapy, Immunotherapy and Biologicals like Xolair, Anaphylaxis diagnosis and Treatment, Urticaria, Biologicals in Treatment of CSU, Asthma

Training objectives

There will be introductory lectures to provide basic introduction to medical professional about allergic diseases. Then there will be hands-on training workshop by telemedicine about skin prick testings, interpretation of the tests, diagnosis and treatment of allergic diseases. Diagnosis and treatment of Anaphylaxis. Emergency and anaphylaxis centres will be established and staff will be trained in early diagnosis and treatment of Anaphylaxis; Skin prick test kits will be provided at nominal charges to these centres;

Dr. Shahid Abbas will be responsible for all these trainings and managing Telemedicines Allergy Clinics. After training, trained staff will be able to start their local allergy clinics to facilitate the local patient. Skin prick test done by local medical professionals under the supervision of Dr. Shahid who will see the results online and help the local medical professionals in diagnosis and treatment of individual patients. After the result of skin prick test the Sublingual Allergy Drops or tablets will be sent to these centres so that they can issue to the patients.


With pamphlets and audio/video introduction about managing allergic diseases like Astham, use of inhalors will taught. PAAIS and AACI sign MoU with COMSATS under which 13 tele medicines Allergy Clinic are set up for public awareness.