The PAAIS was established in 2003 in Islamabad. Constitution and By-Laws were registered in Islamabad in 2003. The main aim was promote the highest possible standards of teaching, study and research among those engaged in the practice of Allergy, Immunology, Transplant Immunology and related diseases, in the best traditions of medicine and medical ethics. Organizing workshops, Free Allergy camps for the patients. To organize Allergy Schools for hands on training in Allergy Tests, Patch Tests, management of allergic diseases for medical professionals with interest in specialty of Allergy and Clinical Immunology. PAAIS will also create awareness and training in specialty of Transplant Immunology Tests.

Message from President

Pakistan Allergy Asthma & Immunology Society


I am honored to be the first president of PAAIS. I understand that speciality of allergy is not much developed in Pakistan but I am sure with the help of my motivated team and with the help of my international colleagues we will be able to develop it. Although at the individual level we all have tried to create awareness about allergy and immune diseases in medical professionals and in general public but now we are going to make joint efforts under PAAIS and with the collaboration of World Allergy Organization. Our main aim will be to create awareness, training of doctors in specialty of allergy and Immunology. At the moment it is not included in the curriculam of the medical schools of the countryand there are no departments of Allergy and Immunology in Pakistan, we will try with the support of WAO and International experts to make curriculam and introduce as separate speciality in the country. God Bless you all..

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